TWICE Debuted in 2015. Happy 8th Aniversary TWICE.

As, you might know the name Nayeon is mononymous and a band-only name. Her real name is Im Na-Yeon(Yeah, she belongs to Yeons family). Her dreams come true when she debuted as TWICE via the Sixteen Reality show by JYP Entertainment Company.

She was born in September 22nd of 1995.

She has already released her EP(Extended Play) Im Nayeon in June of 2022. It was so Good that it Peaked at number 7 in the US list of Billboard 200. This made her the first soloist to reach the top 10 of that list.

When she was a child  

Momo or Hirai Momo is a Japanese singer, rapper, dancer who is the part of the JYP Girl Group "TWICE". She and her sister Hana are both excellent dancers, with performances which shocks the entire K-Pop Industry. That's why she is known as "The Dancing Mochine". Though she was initially eliminated but was brought back due to her amazing performances and fan's love and requests.

She was born in November 9th of 1996.

Momo began dancing at the age of three, together with her Elder Sister Hana. Momo gained exposure Read More...

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