Momo or Hirai Momo is a Japanese singer, rapper, dancer who is the part of the JYP Girl Group "TWICE". She and her sister Hana are both excellent dancers, with performances which shocks the entire K-Pop Industry. That's why she is known as "The Dancing Mochine". Though she was initially eliminated but was brought back due to her amazing performances and fan's love and requests.

She was born in November 9th of 1996.

Momo began dancing at the age of three, together with her Elder Sister Hana. Momo gained exposure to the K-POP industry very early by appearing in a Music Video for Lexy in 2008 and on the talent show Superstar K in 2011. Immediately after in 2012, JYP spotted them(Momo and Hana) and told them to audition. But only Momo got select which prompted her to move from Japan to South Korea in April of 2012. B

Before joining TWICE, she danced in a number of music videos as a "K-Pop Trainee". In 2015, she performed in a South Korean Reality Show "SIXTEEN" created by JYP Entertainment and co-produced by M-Net. Though she was initially eliminated from the show, she was brought back to the final lineup of the girls due to poll feedback from viewers and her performance and rapping abilities.

In October 2015, Momo officially debuted as a member of TWICE with the release of their First Extended Play (EP), The Story Begins and lead single "Like Ooh-Ahh" . On February 9th 2023, JYP announced that Momo, alongside her bandmates Sana and Mina, will officially debut in Japan on July 26th as a sub-unit named MiSaMo with the extended play titled Masterpiece. Prior to their Japanese debut, On 25th January, they released the track "Bouquet" as part of the soundtrack of TV Asahi's drama series Liaison: Children's Heart Clinic.

Momo revealed that she was influenced by her older sister Hana from an early age, where she began dancing with her in the age of three . She also revealed that the J-Pop Singer Namie Amuro is her role model and she "wanted to be like her someday." She remarked that she loves 2NE1 and Rain, and further explained that, "She always wanted to thrill people with my dance, and K-Pop dance thrilled me."


In 2022, Momo was appointed as the brand muse of Wonjungyo, a cosmetics brand supervised by Won Jung-yo, who is TWICE's makeup artist.

In October 2022, she was announced as the brand ambassador of the Japanese Sports Brand, Onitsuka Tiger. 

In May 2023, Momo made and appearance as a model to promote the Japanese news app SmartNews.  

In June 2023, Momo was selected as the ambassador for the Italian fashion brand Miu Miu.

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